To help you make smarter tournament predictions, we combined college player and team data in our market-leading solution, Adobe Analytics. Our legal team says we can’t guarantee you’ll win your office pool. But we can say our bracket, which used Analytics, finished in the 98th percentile last year — and that’s a slam dunk. So jump in. Start by comparing teams, or take a deeper dive into the data. It’s fun and it’s free. #HacktheBracket

Score a free trip to the national championship game April 8 in Minneapolis. Win a prize package for you and a plus one by hacking your bracket this March.

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Pick your match-up. Predict the winner.

What impact does season-long performance have at the big tournament? We use Adobe Analytics to project head-to-head outcomes and give you a bracket-busting edge.* Select a team from each dropdown list to see the probable result.

Download the full Adobe tournament prediction powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other marketing buzzwords (no promises you’ll beat your family and friends if you copy this).

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Team 2

Team 1 will defeat Team 2, with 68.08% probability.

Crack the code on bracketology.

Build your bracket like a pro. Run your own analysis and use our data to strengthen your predictions about who will win big in this year’s tournament.** Start building your bracket now.

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Break the code on bracketology.
Break the code on bracketology.

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Finished in the

By our analysis, brackets made with Analytics in 2018 finished in the 98th percentile. Last year, we also predicted 50% of the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4.

In 2018, we correctly predicted the
National Champion

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