Make Your Presentations Pop: Create Effective PDFs for Presentations.

Creating and sharing a presentation is an essential part of any business meeting or discussion. But there are times when a presentation, even in all its interactive, illustrative, and engaging glory, just isn’t enough. That’s where PDFs come to the fore.

Why? PDFs can be easily accessed, printed, shared across devices, and allow for a convenient viewing experience. PDFs are ideal for creating valuable handouts or reference materials that complement your presentations and your audience can refer to them again after your presentation is over.

What you’ll learn

PDFs for presentations have benefits.

The benefits of creating or converting your presentation content into Portable Document Format (PDF) are many for both you and your audience. PDFs add value to high quality-presentations across industries because they are:

Design a PDF presentation that pops.

To create a great-looking presentation in PDF, the key is to simplify your design and use consistent fonts, images, and formatting choices to keep your document looking professional and cohesive. By following these tips, you’ll create high-quality PDFs that are easy for your audience to read, understand, and navigate.

Make your presentation PDFs engaging.

Optimize your presentation PDFS as much as possible to increase the likelihood of user engagement — especially if you want your audience to finding it an outstanding experience that stays with them, or they will refer back to.

Follow best practices for creating accessible and responsive PDFs.

There are a few best practice tips to keep in mind for creating accessible and responsive PDFs:

Be engaging, accessible, and responsive with presentation PDFs!

Presentations are a great way to communicate your ideas — having an accompanying PDF version will help your message and ideas stick. PDFs are easily accessible, universally supported, and scalable for any platform. Neat and professional, they can help both you and your intended audience work with the information you are sharing efficiently and effectively — saving everyone time and money. Follow through on some of the tips we’ve given here, and you’ll be able to create craft powerful PDFs that are sure to impress your clients and boost your presentation power.

Frequently asked questions.

Are there any other tips or tricks I can use to make my PDFs more visually appealing?

If you’re looking to make your PDFs more visually appealing, there are several tips and tricks you can use.

Are there any potential downsides to using PDFs for presentations?

For diehard fans of InDesign or PowerPoint slide presentations, creating a presentation only in PDF may take a little getting used to. However, this is easily remedied by continuing to create your presentation deck in your preferred software, and then using features such as convert PowerPoint to PDF. Job done.

Presentations often include, or refer to other documents or attachments, that might not be a part of the main presentation. You can include links other information in your PDFs. You can also merge PDF documents if you want to append more information to your presentation.