Adobe Taxation Policy Statement

September 15, 2015
At Adobe, we believe that tax policy is an important part of building a strong global economy and infrastructure system that can benefit all stakeholders. However the amount of corporate income tax paid by Adobe and our related organizations is only one piece of our total contribution. Our job creation efforts, support for independent businesses, large productivity efficiencies, local partnerships, philanthropy, service hours, payroll taxes and many other factors come together to create positive economic impacts on the communities we share.
For the past three years our global effective corporate income tax rate averaged 24%, and it was 26% in the most recent year. It's often reported that this rate is on par with other companies of our size, structure and market. We endeavor to manage our tax affairs responsibly and in compliance with all applicable tax rules. We strive to provide a responsible outcome that considers the interests of all stakeholders, including customers, employees and local communities.

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