How to swap the background in your next meme

Replacing the background for your next meme is easier than you think with Adobe Spark.

You’ve found a photo that would work perfectly as the next meme to take the internet by storm, but the background isn’t quite right. With the right photo editing software, it’s surprisingly easy to swap the background in your image or even remove it altogether.

How to remove the background of your image

To successfully swap the background in your image, you need to remove the current background first. But don’t worry, Adobe Spark makes this extremely simple, with no software to download or install. Instead, you can do it straight in your browser.

Upload your photo by dragging and dropping, or browse for files. Then click “Auto-Remove Background” and the powerful software will analyse the image and remove the background for you, leaving a checkerboard pattern behind. Your subject now has a transparent background, and you’re ready to replace it.

How to replace the background of your image

Once you’ve removed the background of your meme, you have three options to choose from:

Photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Express gives you a range of powerful tools for you to explore your newfound meme-making skills. Check out more great tips for photographers of all experiences and put your creativity to the test.