Tips for creating unforgettable video collages

Make a video collage to remember special moments and use these tips to capture them perfectly.

Video collages are a wonderful way of chronicling and sharing happy memories. Use video collages to capture a recent holiday, wish someone a happy birthday, or celebrate a significant event. Anyone with a smartphone can create a video collage.

Use these tips to edit your video collage on an iPhone or Android device.

Decide on your clips

Identify what moments you want to recap in your video collage and the tone and style you’re after. Go through your iPhone videos and select the clips relevant to your narrative and idea.

If you're creating a video collage to remember a trip with friends, you probably want it to be upbeat. Select videos that show the best parts of the trip. Using footage consistent with the theme helps to weave a compelling video that evokes feelings experienced at the time.

Edit with intention

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