What’s new in Adobe XD.  

We're updating XD regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.   

Adobe XD CC

Vector graphics from CC Libraries

View and drag linked and unlinked vector graphics from Creative Cloud Libraries into XD. Changes you make to icons, illustrations and other graphics in Adobe Illustrator update seamlessly to XD through CC Libraries.

Preserve scroll position

When clicking a wired element, you can now control your position to maintain that place on the next screen without having to scroll from the top.

Pen and touch support on Windows 10

Use basic pen and touch features as a companion to your mouse and keyboard to create artwork, wire prototypes, navigate layers and more. 

Layout grids in Design Specs

View layout grids in the Design Specs (Beta) web app so developers can see column grid attributes such as margins and gutter widths. 

Eyedropper in Property Inspector

Based on your feedback, we’ve put the eyedropper back in the Property Inspector so it’s easier to sample colours.

Adobe XD CC

Third-party workflow integrations

XD now integrates with popular design-process tools like Zeplin, Avocode, Sympli, ProtoPie and Kite Compositor. Start your designs in XD then bring them into your favourite tool to speed up developer handoffs and create advanced animations. Available for Mac only.
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Better zoom performance

Zoom in and out of your canvas and between screens without slowing down, whether you have 10 or 1,000 artboards.
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Dropbox preview for XD files

Preview XD files saved to Dropbox without having to download an XD file.
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Switch between colour models

Quickly switch between HEX, RGB or HSB colour models from the Colour Picker drop-down menu.

Radial gradients

Create and apply radial gradients to simulate a light source, create unique image masks and more. Gradients are available in the Colour Picker under Solid Fill.

Improvements to Design Specs (Beta)

Now it’s faster and easier to read measurements, navigate and access UI elements and work with masked layers.

Display artboards at 100%

View designs in shared prototypes at actual size when you're in full screen mode.

Batch export

Export options now include batch export, which you can access through the file menu. Right-click in the Layers panel to mark objects for batch export.
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Adobe XD CC

Underline text

You can now quickly apply an underline to text with a keyboard shortcut or a button in the property inspector. Underline maintains fidelity with characters that have descenders such as y and g.

Options for stroke align type

Toggle between stroke align types (inside, outside or centre) on a closed object like a rectangle or circle to modify weight and alignment and control the appearance of your design.

Adobe Stock licensing

Right click an Adobe Stock raster image in the Creative Cloud Libraries window to begin licensing.

Graphics editing in Photoshop

Right click a raster graphic in the Creative Cloud Libraries window to edit it in Photoshop.

More prototype publishing options

Quickly enable and disable hotspot hints to see which areas of your prototype are interactive, then publish to share with your team. Set to open in full screen mode to view without comments or other distractions.

Design Specs (Beta) improvements

Get started quickly with user tips and improvements for navigation and properties. Design Specs (Beta) now also supports English, French, German, Korean and Japanese.

And so much more

Also includes: Access to Zoom tool in prototype mode, keyboard shortcuts for font size and more.
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Adobe XD CC

Design Specs (Beta)

Speed up the development process by sending developers a link to automatically generated design specs from your interactive prototype. Specs include the sequence and flow of your artboards, colours, character styles and measurements (currently English only).
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Layout Grid

Use customisable column grids with margins and gutter to give your designs a consistent, organised look and to manage the proportions between elements. Toggle between Square and Layout grid in the property inspector.

JPG export

Easily export assets and artboards from XD in JPG format without the need to convert from another app. You can control the export quality level from 1-100 per cent.

Text enhancements

Switch from point text to area text and vice versa with a simple click. Now when you create a new text object, your last used text properties such as font family, size, weight, alignment and colours are preserved.

Improvements for Windows 10

The latest updates for Windows 10 make designing in Windows even faster. Use two-finger touch to pan and zoom, copy and paste design elements from InDesign into XD and import SVG files with externally linked files.

And so much more

Also includes: Ability to access eyedropper within the colour picker to grab colour stops when creating gradients and to sample colours when using Asset Panel and improvements to paste behaviour.
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Adobe XD CC

Interactive prototypes

Switch from design to prototype mode with a single click and connect artboards to communicate the flow and paths of multiscreen apps. Connect design elements from one artboard to another, including Repeat Grid cells. Add interactions with intuitive visual controls to test and validate the experience.

Publish prototypes for feedback

Generate shareable web links to get feedback on your designs or embed them on Behance or a web page. Reviewers can comment directly on your prototypes and specific parts of your design. You'll get notified when they make comments and they can simply refresh their browsers to see your changes.

Fast, versatile artboards

Whether you're working with one artboard or a hundred, XD gives you the same fast performance. Design for different screens and devices. Pan and zoom without lag time. Choose from preset sizes or define your own and copy between artboards without losing placement of your design elements.

Repeat Grid

Select items in your design, such as a contact list or photo gallery and replicate them horizontally or vertically as many times as you want — all your styles and spacing stay intact. Update an element once and your changes will update everywhere.

Cross-platform support

Adobe XD natively supports Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform) and Mac, with companion mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Assets panel

Make colours and character styles easily available for re-use by adding them to the Assets panel (formerly the Symbols panel), which automatically includes symbols. Edit any colour or character style in the panel and the changes will be reflected throughout your document.

Reimagined symbols

Save time with symbols, reusable design elements that eliminate the need to find and edit each instance of an asset across a document. Update one and they'll update everywhere or choose to override specific instances. Symbols can be vector graphics, raster images or text objects and they can also be used as objects within Repeat Grids.

Creative Cloud Libraries

With Creative Cloud Libraries integration, you can access and apply raster images, colours and character styles created in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and other Creative Cloud applications from inside XD and re-use them anywhere in your documents.

Contextual Property Inspector

Work in an uncluttered space thanks to the context-aware Property Inspector, which only displays options for the objects you've selected. Modify properties like border colour and thickness, fill colours, shadows, blurs, opacity and rotation and access options for alignment, dimensions and Repeat Grid.

Smart canvas navigation

Easily zoom in on a specific area of your design or make a selection on an artboard and use a shortcut to zoom right to it. Pan or zoom with your mouse, touchpad or keyboard shortcuts. And get great performance even if you have hundreds of artboards.

Contextual layers

Stay organised and focused while managing complex designs thanks to a contextual approach to layers. XD highlights only the layers associated with the artboard you're working on, so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

Layout guidance tools

Seamlessly draw, re-use and remix design elements using snap-to grids and other intuitive layout tools that help you to create relative measurements between objects, mask with shapes, group, lock, align and distribute design elements and more.

Blur effects

Quickly blur a specific object or an entire background to change the focal point of your design, giving it depth and dimension.

Versatile linear gradients

Create beautiful linear gradients using simple yet precise visual controls in the Colour Picker. You can also import gradients from Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

Modern Pen tool

Draw shapes and paths easily with the Pen tool. Use customised paths, add or remove anchor points, easily manipulate lines and switch between curved and angled paths — all with the same tool.

Boolean group editing

Create and experiment with complex shapes by combining groups of objects using non-destructive Boolean operators.

Typography styling

Style text with precise control to enhance the user experience. Easily adjust typographical elements like font, typeface, size, alignment, character spacing and line spacing. Change the appearance of your text the same way you change other elements in XD like opacity, fill, background and blur effects and borders.

Streamlined colour control

Pick colours by entering exact values or by sampling from inside or outside XD with the Eyedropper. Create and save colour swatches and use shortcuts for hexadecimal codes in the Colour Picker.

UI resources

Quickly design and prototype for Apple iOS, Google Material Design and Microsoft Windows devices using high-quality user interface components.

Copy and paste from other design apps

Bring artwork into XD from Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

In-context iOS and Android previews

Preview your designs and all interactions on the actual devices you're targeting. Make changes on the desktop and then test them on your devices for fidelity and usability.

Hotspot hinting

Automatically highlight the hotspots in your prototype so users can see which areas are interactive and clickable.

Prototype management

Create multiple URLs from the same file to share different versions of your prototype. Share an unlimited number of prototypes and easily access and delete them from your Creative Cloud account.

Record prototype interactions as videos

As you click through your preview, record an MP4 file to share with your team or stakeholders (Mac only).

Export artwork, assets and artboards

Export images and designs in PNG and SVG formats, which you can configure for iOS, Android, web or your own customised settings. Export an entire artboard or individual elements. And share assets and artboards by exporting them as individual PDF files or as a single PDF file.

Multi-language support

Supported languages include English, French, German, Japanese and Korean.

Email notifications for comments

Get email notifications when stakeholders comment on your web prototypes. Emails can be sent individually or batched in a daily digest.