Getting Started  

Are you considering building or selling a solution that is powered by Adobe® InDesign® Server software? For customers new to InDesign Server, Adobe recommends looking at the network of partners that have built products or offer training, consulting and development expertise. Here are resources available for in house developers or partners


Learn and Develop

Your first step is to evaluate InDesign Server to see if it’s the right technology for your solution. Plug-ins and scripts can be prototyped on InDesign software first. You should make sure you have the appropriate development skills, including a working knowledge of C++ and scripting and, ideally, some experience developing publishing tools or plug-ins for the desktop version of InDesign. If you don’t have these skills, you may want to contact a partner for consultancy, training or licensing of existing technology.
This blog addresses a lot of technical questions about developing with InDesign Server. 
To aid your evaluation, you can also download and review the following resources.
LiveCycle Forms Standard and Forms Pro ES4
LiveCycle Forms Standard and Forms Pro ES4
InDesign Server SDK
The InDesign Server Software Development Kit (SDK), gives an overview of InDesign Server. Review the Getting Started and Introduction sections which detail how to install and run InDesign Server in a simple environment and briefly describes how to communicate with InDesign Server through SOAP.
Most of the developer resources are available at Adobe I/O
The InDesign Server Scripting Guide, also part of the InDesign Server SDK, provides important background information on creating scripts for InDesign Server. It offers simple examples of common scripting operations and discusses the conversion of InDesign scripts for use with InDesign Server.
On the SDK page, you can also find several free introductory webcasts on developing with InDesign Server.
Because InDesign Server shares the same codebase as InDesign, many developers find it useful to start developing with the desktop version of the application. They use it to prototype their ideas before making the jump to InDesign Server.

Technology partners who want to develop their own solution should:

●    Join the Exchange Developer Programme

●    Get access to Debug InDesign Server, InDesign, the Adobe InCopy® desktop version and the nonexpiring, watermarked version of InDesign Server

Partners who wish to resell InDesign Server as an integrated component should work with their Adobe representative or an Adobe Distributor. 



Download Trial

If you’re ready to start writing code for InDesign Server, the next step is to download the debug and runtime versions of the software. To do so, follow these steps.
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?
How do I order Font Folio 11.1?
I own a previous version of Font Folio. How much does it cost to upgrade to Font Folio 11.1?
Download InDesign Server
Download a free 90-day trial version of InDesign Server. A watermark is applied to all output during the Trial period and can be converted to a production licence by installing the serial number provided after purchasing a licence. Downloading and reviewing the free technical documents listed above with your trial version of InDesign Server. Please consider working with a solutions partner for further training and consulting.
The InDesign Server SDK can be downloaded at any time from Adobe I/O
*IMPORTANT: You need to download Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) for using the InDesign Server trial. See Release Notes for details.
The link below takes you to a site containing all versions of InDesign Server. If you have not purchased a licence, they all default to a 90 day trial. 
Developers: Join the Exchange Developer Programme
The Adobe Exchange Developer Programme gives commercial developers access to Adobe products (including InDesign Server release and debug versions) and to development support. 


Adobe InDesign Server can be licensed for use by systems integrators and third-party developers as well as in-house development teams. 
Pricing of the InDesign Server engine varies according to the nature of the solution, its usage and how it is deployed. When you talk to your Adobe representative or solutions partner, be prepared with answers to the following questions:
●    Is the solution for internal use only, accessible only by employees of the Licensee? If so, Limited licence is appropriate
●    Is the solution available to external employees? Are you a partner planning to offer a hosted service or an organisation planning to offer a web-based solution that you want to make available to people outside your own network? If so, Premium licence is recommended
●    Do you need a server for Development, Testing and Staging? If so, the Development licence is recommended. 
For more details including pricing, see the Licensing Information section.
What if I need further information on one of these questions or don't see my question listed here?
What if I need further information on one of these questions or don't see my question listed here?
Key capabilities
●    Allow users with Adobe Reader software to save data locally, add annotations and apply digital signatures.
●    Integrate with web services for PDF forms and documents.
●    Author, update and decode 2D barcoded forms.
●    Capture data and return to key applications via web services.