Robert Slimbach, who joined Adobe in 1987, began working seriously on type and calligraphy four years earlier in the type drawing department of Autologic in Newbury Park, California. Since then, he has concentrated primarily on designing text faces for digital technology, drawing inspiration from classical sources. In 1991, he received the Prix Charles Peignot from Association Typographique Internationale for excellence in type design. Slimbach now directs Adobe's type design programme. He has designed typefaces for the International Typeface Corporation, as well as the Adobe Originals families Acumin, Arno, Brioso, Caflisch Script, Cronos, Adobe Garamond, Garamond Premier, Adobe Jenson, Kepler, Minion, Poetica, Sanvito, Adobe Text, Utopia, Warnock, Myriad (co-designed with Carol Twombly), Myriad Arabic, Myriad Hebrew and Adobe’s corporate typeface Adobe Clean.
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