As a spotty teenager, Timothy Donaldson became obsessed with handwriting and spent countless hours experimenting with different writing tools and materials. This led inexorably to his career as a graphic artist. He is famous for creating the world's largest hamburgefonts with a two-foot wide broad-edged brush and for writing texts that you can't read. He is now a spotty middle-aged man but still obsessed with handwriting. His typefaces include Banshee®, Coriander®, Immi 505®, and Postino® for Adobe Systems, FF FancyWriting™, Flight™, ITC Humana™, ITC Jellybaby™, ITC John Handy™, Ru'ach™, and ITC Talking Drum™. These designs and others have won him awards at the Morisawa International Type Design Competitions in 1996 and 1999, and from the Type Directors Club in 1997. Students at Stafford College in England are lucky to have this unpredictable and clever fellow teaching them graphic design, lettering, and typography. His calligraphic and typographic works have been published in Letter Arts Review, Print, I.D., Upper & Lower Case, Creative Review, and Eye.
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