Create brochure designs that draw the eye.

Make a slick brochure that gets noticed with {{adobe-indesign}}. Professional graphic design software and access to brochure design templates and stock photos help you easily arrange brochure elements to get high-quality work to the printer faster.

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Design a brochure that draws the eye, gets noticed, and read.

Get the word out with creative brochure design.

Assemble your ideas, images, and copy, then quickly position them on single or trifold brochure templates. Discover how InDesign is the brochure maker that helps you bring your own brochure design to life.

Design your brochure layout with guides to ensure correct printing.

Determine your design.

Set your layout with guides to ensure correct print dimensions. And reflow text across multiple pages to create a simple, adjustable brochure design.

Choose your lettering style.

Explore thousands of options with access to Adobe Fonts. Select and then modify your text to achieve the unique pamphlet design you want.

Use unique lettering in your brochure design with Adobe Fonts.
Create a brochure design that uses your own graphics and drawings.

Make it visual.

Create your own graphics and drawings with InDesign, or add photos and Adobe Illustrator-created logos to create a pamphlet that pops.

See exactly what your brochure will look like in the real world with Actual Size Preview. And lock down vibrant color schemes with InDesign’s comprehensive color outputs.

Use Actual Size Preview to see what your brochure design will look like when printed.

Get a brochure design advantage.

Explore more brochure design inspiration with InDesign templates and work created by other pamphlet creators.

Use existing elements to replicate a great brochure design.

Determine your design. Build on previous designs.

Create using existing elements to replicate a great look. With multipage PDF imports, you can get to work without starting from scratch.

Get a head start.

Kicking off your design is simple with over 100 brochure templates available via Adobe Stock, including bifold brochures, travel brochures, company brochures, and more.

Get access to over 100 brochure design templates in Adobe Stock.

How to make a stunning brochure.

Design, lay out, and prep your brochure for print with a few simple steps.

  • Get started:
    Open a new project and select the brochure option.
  • Collect your materials:
    Gather all the copy and images you’ll need for your project.
  • Lay it out:
    Assemble and arrange design elements on a brochure template to complete your project.
  • Share it:
    Select your desired format and get your brochure ready for the print shop.

Get tips for professional design brochures that get noticed with these helpful InDesign lessons.

Get tips to design brochures that get noticed with these helpful InDesign lessons.

Learn how to make a trifold brochure

Make a trifold brochure.

Design a stylish brochure with this straightforward guide to trifold creation.

Learn more about making a trifold brochure

Learn to create print-ready brochure designs

Set up print-ready spreads.

Take your brochure design knowledge to the next level with this tutorial on designing spreads for booklet printing.

Learn more about print-ready spreads

Discover free brochure templates.

Let your brochure design unfold with templates you can tweak and customize in InDesign.