Get the right look, every time.

Quickly balance colors and match shots from different cameras to ensure consistency from scene to scene. Then use color grading tools to add drama, visual interest, and emotion to your story.

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An image showing UI of Premiere Pro's color grading tools.

Control your colors.

Give your work a distinct, consistent look from frame to frame and make everything from deep shadows to bright skies a multi-hued feast for the eyes.

Get a head start with video that looks great from the beginning.

Automatic tone mapping lets you quickly drop new footage into your project that automatically adjusts to match the project’s color, so you’re editing with great-looking footage from the start.

Ensure color continuity from scene to scene.

Make basic corrections to exposure, white balance, and contrast in a snap with Auto Color. Preserve natural skin tones and automatically match color between shots with Color Match. Use Color Wheels to adjust shadows, midtones, and highlights, and see the difference side by side with Comparison View.

Use color to set the mood.

Natural and consistent color is just the beginning. Shape the mood of your project with tools to shift vibrance, saturation, and tint. Isolate a specific color, make precise changes to contrast, or apply a vignette to fade the edges of a clip and draw attention to a focal point.

Create a unique look.

Take advantage of Lumetri looks to emulate different film stock and give your footage a timeless cinematic look. Also, use Look Up Tables (LUTs) to create and save your own custom color grades to give your clips a unique, consistent style.

Do even more with advanced color tools.

Easily edit advanced settings with Lumetri Color. Monitor color and luminance levels with total accuracy with hardware-accelerated Lumetri scopes like Vectorscope, Histogram, Parade, and Waveform.


What is the difference between color correction and color grading?

Color correction consists of correcting issues and balancing shots, so they look natural and unified. Color grading consists of adjusting color and contrast to serve a creative or stylistic choice.

What's Lumetri?

Lumetri is the suite of professional-quality color grading and color correction tools that let you grade your footage directly on your editing timeline in Premiere Pro.

Can I import custom LUTs into Premiere Pro?

Yes, find out more about importing custom LUTs.

Should I color correct videos before editing?

Yes. Even if you use the same cameras and lights for every shot of your project, when you get to post-production you might find that your hue, saturation, and brightness have changed from one camera setup to the next. Once you’ve corrected the color so your video has an even, unified look, you can use color more artistically.

Where can I learn how to use Adobe’s color correction tools?

Read more about using Adobe’s tools for color workflows.


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