What is {{adobe-aftereffects}}?
{{after-effects}} is a motion design and visual effects software app. Animate text, graphics, illustrations, and more to create anything from a simple credit roll to an intricate title sequence. Composite to design stunning visual effects for film, TV, video, and the web. Learn more.
How much does {{after-effects}} cost?
You can purchase {{after-effects}} on its own for PRICE - ABM - After Effects. However, many people use {{after-effects}} with other {{creative-cloud}} apps like {{premiere-pro}} and {{photoshop}}. You can get these apps and more as part of the {{cc-all-apps-plan}}, which costs PRICE - M2M - Creative Cloud All Apps 100GB for an annual plan. Eligible students and teachers can get the {{all-apps}} plan for just PRICE - ABM - Creative Cloud All Apps 100GB for the first year. Businesses can purchase team licenses for PRICE - ABM - Creative Cloud All Apps.
Can I get {{after-effects}} for free?
You can get a seven-day free trial of {{after-effects}}. This is the official, full version of the app so you can try it, check out all the tutorials, and get inspired by what you can do with motion design and visual effects software.
How does {{after-effects}} work with other Creative Cloud apps?
{{after-effects}} is designed to work seamlessly with other {{creative-cloud}} apps to save time and make you more efficient. For {{photoshop}}, you can easily import layered PSD files with layers intact. And when working with {{premiere-pro}}, you can import {{after-effects}} compositions via Adobe Dynamic link, which cuts out the need for intermediate rendering. Learn more.
What can I use {{after-effects}} for?
If you’re looking to add motion to your designs, you can do anything imaginable with {{after-effects}}. We’ve got tutorials to help you learn step by step and an inspiring creative community at your fingertips.
How do I edit in {{after-effects}}?
We recommend editing video clips in a dedicated video editing app like Adobe Premiere Pro. {{after-effects}} is a motion design and visual effects app. {{premiere-pro}} and {{after-effects}} are built to work seamlessly together to help you create any film or video project imaginable.
How do I render in {{after-effects}}?
There are two ways you can render in {{after-effects}}. One way is to output your creative content via the Render Queue right inside the app. Or, you can render your content outside of {{after-effects}} via Adobe Media Encoder. Learn more about rendering in {{after-effects}}.