What are 3D assets and how are they used in computer graphics?
3D assets are digital files which contain information relevant to their display and interactive ability in various computer applications. Standard 3D assets include models, materials, and lights. A 3D model, or mesh, is an object that can be animated, staged, and rendered, and can include anything from figures to objects. Materials are added to the surfaces of an object to change its visual appearance. Lights are used in 3D scenes to assist rendering and the final appearance of a 3D scene. From VFX, movies, and gaming, to architecture, automotive design, product design, fashion, and more, 3D assets are invaluable tools.
Are textures included in the Substance 3D Assets library?
The Substance 3D Assets library includes a number of professionally made materials which can be used in your projects as textures. Our artists are continually adding new materials, so the library will continue to grow overtime. Artists can use these materials in Substance 3D apps and other 3D design programs to create stunning photorealistic and stylized texture sets. Users can also find decals and atlases to further customize projects.
How frequently is the Substance 3D Assets library updated with new assets?
Our dedicated team of artists are continually creating and curating professional-quality 3D assets to add to the library. This means our assets are updated regularly year round. Currently, the Substance 3D Assets library contains over 15,000 assets, and that number will continue to grow as new collections are released.
Can I use Substance 3D assets in my commercial projects, and are there any licensing restrictions?
You can modify, create derivative work of the Substance 3D Assets, and distribute or sublicense them, as long as it is incorporated into a Larger Work (the Substance 3D Asset is not necessarily modified but you include it into a larger piece of work e.g. in video games) or into a Modified Work (the Substance 3D Asset has been substantially modified). In any case, you can’t share or sell a Substance 3D Asset on a standalone basis. For more information on this, please check your license agreement.
Are there any limitations to the number of assets I can download or use from the Substance 3D Assets library?
Access to the Substance 3D Assets library is available for all Substance 3D subscription categories. For Individual users with a Collection plan, 50 asset downloads are available per month. For Individual users with the Texturing plan only, 30 downloads are available per month. Teams and Enterprise license holders can download 100 assets per month.