Create inspired, high-quality icons.

Lift up your graphic design with memorable and stylish icons. From sketch to implementation, see how you can create communicative vector images for use in icon, web and logo design.

Collection of line art sketches

Everything you need to make your icon designs shine.

Discover how you can craft and refine a set of icons for the web. Quickly build your skills as an icon designer with the endless capabilities of Adobe Illustrator.

Artists sketch with analogue and digital tools

Start from scratch.

Sketch on paper and scan your rough ideas into Adobe Illustrator. Or, sketch on your phone or iPad, then import your outlines.

Vector sketch collection

Make it vector.

Create versatile vector shapes with the Ellipse and Rectangle tools. Turn on Smart Guides to help arrange your shapes or smooth out your freehand drawing with the Pen tool.

Material design icons

Refine your designs.

Easily create flat icons by stacking and combining vector shapes. Use the Shaper tool to polish the overall form and drag corner widgets to round sharp edges.

Coloured icons on a black background

Add colour and depth.

Develop your own icon style. Apply a colour palette with Fill, adjust visual weight with Stroke or play with Opacity for your best icon yet.


How to take icons from sketchbook to screen.

Craft any icon you can imagine and then export it to suit any device.


Plan it:

Scan in or import sketches from your serviette or mobile device and lay them down as your first layer.


Create it:

Add vector shapes on a new layer or use the Pen tool with Smart Guides to trace over your sketches.


Finesse it:

Grab corner widgets to experiment with rounding sharp edges.


Optimise it:

With your files finished, go to File > Export > Export for screens.


Export it:

Choose the screen settings ideal for your project and then hit Export.

Start designing icons with these tutorials.

Make your first set of professional icons using basic shapes. These professional tips and tutorials will help to get you rolling.

Camera icon on a social media profile and a digital resume

Start with a simple icon.

Create a camera icon to use as a social media profile image or as a button linking to a portfolio on a digital resume.

Set of cute digital icons

Craft your own customised icon set.

Explore the icon design process and make a cohesive set of simple icons to use in a digital project.

Icons being used in a presentation

Add new icons to presentations.

Design icons with a personal touch. Then add them to your presentation slides to communicate your points with more impact.

Example of an icon at different sizes and colours

Perfect your exports.

Learn to export app icons and more — in multiple icon sizes and formats — in just one step.


Discover free icon templates.

Get started on unique, personalised icon designs with templates for Illustrator.

 Icon design template for Adobe Illustrator featuring a compass drawing tool
 Collage of various icon design templates for Adobe Illustrator

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