Create a customised wallpaper design.

Use photos, typography and vector art to make your own wallpapers with Adobe Illustrator.

Personalise every screen with your own wallpaper.

Add a dash of personality to your desktop by designing customised wallpapers using your own photos and art. Or start creating wallpaper designs and patterns for others to buy or download. 

Adobe Illustrator artboard interface

Work fluidly with artboards.

Design wallpapers for every type of screen size — from phones and mobile devices to computer monitors of different aspect ratios — using artboards.

Collage of three art designs

Design with a pop.

Use vector art to create crisp icons, patterns and illustrations that can scale to any screen size.

Adobe Illustrator font character interface

Let your designs speak.

Browse thousands of fonts and add compelling typography to your desktop or phone wallpapers.

Adobe Illustrator gradient interface

Let your colours flow.

Design with free-form colour gradients for natural colour blending in your desktop wallpaper designs.

Explore versatile tools to create wallpapers.

See how the tools available in Adobe Creative Cloud can help you to add something special to your computer wallpapers or phone backgrounds.

Adobe Stock logo

Sync with Adobe Stock.

Find inspiration for your next wallpaper design while exploring templates, colour palettes and photos with Adobe Stock.

Adobe Creative Cloud logo

Share your finished work.

Use your completed wallpaper designs anywhere by easily sharing your work across Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries.

How to create a customised wallpaper.

With some imagination and these simple steps, learn to create a beautiful new wallpaper for your phone or computer.


Build it:
Start by creating a new project in Illustrator. Set your dimensions to create an artboard. 


Colour it:
Set your background with the rectangle tool and use free-form gradients for natural colour blending.


Design it:
Add typography, shapes, photos or illustrations to create an eye-catching design.


Save it:
Export your wallpaper design as a PNG or JPG for easy use.


Enjoy it:
Set your wallpaper as the background on your desktop, iPhone or Android device.

Perfect your wallpaper designs.

Ignite your imagination with these tutorials and improve your skills in Illustrator today.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator icons transposed over art


Design with your photos.

Apply photo effects to your favourite images in Adobe Photoshop and then use these simple steps to import your photo into Illustrator.

See how ›

Design pattern of various fruit


Turn your art into a pattern.

Create a repeating design that tiles seamlessly to add texture and interest to your computer wallpaper.

See how ›

Desk with a laptop, full coffee mug and abstract magazine on it


Check out free-form colour gradients. 

Create a graduated blend of colours within a shape to help your wallpaper designs stand out.

See how ›

Adobe Illustrator artboards


Master your artboards.

Explore the basics of working with artboards in Illustrator and start crafting wallpapers for every screen.

See how ›

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