Corporate social responsibility

Together, we create change.

Adobe is committed to doing the right thing by focusing on people, purpose, and community. This commitment has guided our evolution, and it inspires our employees to invent the future and change the world for the better.

Explore key areas where we make an impact.

Adobe for all.

Adobe for all is our vision to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across our company and in our communities. We’re focused on creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce; unleashing the full potential of every employee; and driving meaningful impact for Adobe, our industry, and society at large.

Our initiatives and programs:

Building a diverse pipeline

Developing a great company culture

Advancing diversity in our communities

Creativity for all.

Creativity has the power to unite us and inspire us to change the world. Through a vision we call Creativity for all, we’re empowering millions of people of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves, reach their full potential, and share their diverse perspectives with the world.

Our initiatives and programs:

Promoting creativity in education

Nurturing creative careers

Championing diverse perspectives

Technology to transform.

We’re committed to advancing the responsible use of technology for the good of society. Our innovations are making a significant impact across AI ethics, security, privacy, trust and safety, accessibility, and sustainability.

Our initiatives and programs:

Fighting misinformation

Amplifying impact

Building tech responsibly

Sustainability at scale.

We’re committed to building a sustainable environment in every area of our business, from our products and buildings to our policies and partnerships.

Our initiatives and programs:

Reducing environmental impact through products

Building greener operations

Advocating for climate action

Illustrations by Yulia Vus

A Ukrainian illustrator and comic, Yulia Vus is a recipient of the Ukraine Creators Fund grant. Her work spans commercial, animation, and book and editorial illustration projects.