What We Believe

John Warnock and Chuck Geschke founded our company based on a number of fundamental principles:  Our people are our most important asset.  Good ideas come from everywhere in the company – and in the world.  And treat others – employees, customers, and our communities – the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

More than 35 years after our founding, we remain committed to fairness, respect and responsibility. 


We believe:

  • Everyone deserves respect and equal treatment, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs.  When people feel valued, they can be more creative, innovative and successful.
  • Welcoming people from all countries, religions and cultures is essential for our future innovation and economic success.  
  • Equal pay and opportunity are essential regardless of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.
  • Family-friendly leave and benefit programs support working families and ultimately contribute to making our workforce happier, more productive and more diverse.
  • It is vital to provide today’s youth with the opportunity to learn and express themselves through technology to benefit both their career development and personal growth.
  • We have a responsibility to protect our planet and support the communities in which we operate by applying our talent, resources and technology to create meaningful change.


These beliefs guide how we hire, manage and develop our employees and the role we play in the world. Our goal is to be responsible, fair and compassionate while building a great business.  With that in mind, and as a company with a diverse employee, customer and shareholder base, we believe it is in our best interest to engage on the issues that directly impact our business. But never doubt that with respect to our beliefs and corporate values, our commitment is unwavering. They, are quite simply, the reason we are the company we are today.

- Shantanu Narayen
Chairman, President & CEO

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