Watch the on-demand webinar: Cloud-Based Workflows Make Photo and Video Production Simple

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From planning to project launch, the production process poses challenges not just for videographers, but photographers as well. offers creative teams a way to streamline their workflows in a centralized collaboration platform.


Watch our webinar Cloud-Based Workflows Make Photo and Video Production Simple on demand. During this event, experts Shawn McDaniel and Jason Druss showcase new camera integrations with Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2s to get footage directly from set to the cloud, and explore how can support creative projects through each step of the process.


During this event, you’ll learn how:


  • supports end-to-end collaboration for photography, video, and other creative projects
  • Camera to Cloud helps creatives get content from set to post-production quickly and effortlessly
  • Investing in a centralized hub for creative reviews, asset management, and project communication will save your team time, reduce costs, and minimize security risks



Shawn McDaniel

Content Producer, Instructional Media Specialist 


Jason Druss

Product Marketing Manager