How to use a bulk image resizer.

Follow these steps to bulk resize your images.

If you’re working on a photoshoot and need all your photos resized into a specific format, look no further than Adobe Lightroom’s bulk resize feature. This feature allows you to crop all your photos to a fixed size and output them at a certain set of pixel dimensions to create the highest image quality.

Bulk resize photos in 5 easy steps.

Bulk resizing is easy — simply open Lightroom and follow the steps below.

  1. Consolidate your images. Place all of the images you want to resize in one folder.
  2. Import to start. Select Import and then select your images.
  3. Export to resize. Look for File Settings and Image Size on the export screen. Make sure you’re saving in .jpg format with RGB color.
  4. Select your image width and height. Click save and make sure Don’t Enlarge is checked.
  5. Choose your location. Save your resized images to a new folder to delineate them from the originals.

Depending on your camera and photo needs, you’ll want to follow different rules for image sizes. Here’s some general guidance for pixel resolution.

Edit your images.

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