Learn how to put one photo on top of another.

Learn how to place one photo on top of another in the same frame for creative effect. Use this feature to make something fresh and new — right in the app.

Have you ever wondered how you can take your photo’s subject and place it on a different background? Or maybe you want to create a new image that’s a composite of other shots you’ve already taken. Well, the “photo placed on top of a photo” editing feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Create composites.

Use composites to place more than one picture in the same frame. A composite picture is created by strategically combining subjects from multiple pictures together. When you combine several related images, you can tell a story with one photo. Creating composite photos is fast and easy — the result will have a collage effect. Use a cutout tool to eliminate unwanted backgrounds before you combine the images, so your composite consists of just the main subjects.

Work with multiple layers.

Another nifty trick for placing one photo on top of another is done by the combination of multiple layers. Layers allow you to add elements from multiple photos for a seamless effect. Where composites create a collage effect, layers create what appears to be a single image. Your subject layered over a totally different background is a good example.

Combine multiple images to create unique results to tell a story or express your creativity. Mobile device photo editing apps provide powerful features that are easy to use. Snap the photo and produce the desired final effect without ever leaving the app. Learn more about layers, composites, and other photo tips and tricks to stay inspired.

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