Photoshop Express

The photo editing app for quick and easy transformations.

Get Adobe Photoshop Express, the app for easy on-the-go photo editing.

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Download from the Google Play store


One-touch transformations.

Photoshop Express makes it easy to edit, get creative, and share photos so they stand out on social and everywhere else.

Super simple.
Amazingly expressive.

Polish your shots with quick-fix tools that heal blemishes, adjust perspective, and more. And choose from hundreds of themes, effects, and extras that you can apply in an instant to express your creativity or amp up your message.

Super simple. Amazingly expressive.

Adjust contrast, exposure, and more in a click.

Get creative with eye-catching effects.

Add style with borders, layouts, and backgrounds.

Say more with stickers, tattoos, and text styles.

More pop with Photoshop.

Edit, retouch, assemble collages, and combine photos in a tap to create something new. Photoshop Express includes unique lenses and effects to make photo magic automatic.

More pop with Photoshop.

Intelligent edits
Transform shots with the power of Photoshop.

Transfer styles
 Apply the style of one image to all images in a collage.

Spot Healing
Easily remove spots or imperfections.

Send to Photoshop
Take your creations to the next level.

Inspiration built right in.

Get started quickly with in-app tutorials. Watch playbacks to see how someone else created a look you like, then apply the same edits to your photos. Post your favorites directly to social sites or share them in email or messaging apps to inspire others.

Inspiration built right in.

Social posts
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr.

Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line.

Get inspired and find new ways to express yourself.

Questions? We have answers.

Can I edit images hosted on Google Photos?

Yes. Photoshop Express integrations allow you to pull your photos, selfies, HDR images, and more directly from Google Photos, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Is Photoshop Express the same as Photoshop?

While part of the Adobe Photoshop family, Photoshop Express is intentionally built for mobile device photography. Its accessible interface enables photo collage edits and social network sharing.

Are Photoshop Express and Photoshop compatible?

Yes. You can send PSD files directly from the iOS app to the pro photo editor on desktop to access more advanced editing tools.

Is Photoshop Express a free download?

Yes, Photoshop Express is free to download. You can download it at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Great ratings for the photo editor app.

See how users rate the photo editing tools in Photoshop Express.*


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*As of January 30, 2020

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