Creative beach photoshoot ideas.

Learn more about using the beach as a backdrop for your photography, plus beach photoshoot ideas to inspire your next session.

With rocky cliffsides, crashing waves, sandy shores, and views for miles, a beach can provide the perfect background for a variety of your photoshoots, from landscape panoramas to family portraits to product photography.

Shooting at the beach.

When it comes to beach photography, the landscape is always changing. This provides a unique quality to your shots — even if you continually shoot at the same location. The so-called “golden hour” also provides optimal photographic opportunities, so keep this in mind when planning your photoshoots.

Once you’re on location, you can use natural elements to add foreground interest to your photos (such as rocks, shells, or driftwood), while keeping the water as the background. Here are some beach photoshoot ideas to help you brainstorm your next shoot.

Family photoshoot.

Beach photoshoots are a wonderful way of creating memories as a whole family. For young families, you can aim to capture candid shots, such as the first time a toddler sets foot in the ocean. Activities like building a sandcastle together can create dynamic shot opportunities that break from the traditional.

Engagement and wedding photoshoot.

Beaches, especially during sunset, serve as a beautiful and romantic backdrop for couples. If the couple has access to a boat, you can even suggest taking the session offshore to capture some unusual perspectives.

Try to scout out a low-traffic area before the photoshoot. Finding a low-key location will help your couple feel more comfortable, and decrease the chances of unwanted extras appearing in your shots.

Product photography photoshoot.

Beach photoshoots can be ideal for product photography, too. And if your product actually pertains to the beach in some way — such as a line of SPF lotions or a brand of seaweed-derived snacks — it can be especially fitting to shoot these products there.

Create visually stunning photos.

Explore everything you can do with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to capture, edit, and share your beach photos — from anywhere in the world.