How to choose the best lens for pet photography.

This article details a few of the most important considerations when choosing a lens for pet photography.

If you’re interested in pet photography, you might think it’s a job based on snuggling kittens and snapping photos of Fido — but pet photography is a lot more work than just gushing over cute animals. Pet photography takes patience, persistence, and — of course — the right gear.

What is pet photography?

Pet photography is one of the most exciting styles of photography for those who love and cherish animals. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the practice of taking portraits of pets — with their people or solo — so owners can enjoy these shots forever.

This type of photography is not unlike specializing in portraits, it just often takes a little more creativity, a lot more patience, and tolerance for furry friends and their fluff. The best way to hone your skills at pet photography is to practice — spend time around animals, take lots of photos, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

How to pick the best lens for pet photography.

Pet photography is a fast-moving, action-packed art — you’ll need the right lens to help you keep up. Consider factors like these when picking the perfect pet photography lens:

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Want to really level up your pet photography game? Remember, practice makes perfect — and so does having access to helpful tips and tricks.

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