The best camera lenses for portrait photography.

Learn how to choose the best lens for portrait photography and take professional-grade headshots.

Portrait photography is a subtle art, requiring a delicate balance of detail, light and shadow. Compelling portraits provide a unique perspective on the subject, highlighting the individual’s most interesting features while engaging the viewer.

Outside of composition and editing, the tools you use to capture portraits are equally important. Follow these tips to choose good lenses for portrait photography.

Prime lenses for portrait photography.

Prime lenses have wider maximum apertures, which create blurrier backgrounds and allow you to better isolate and highlight your subject. They also have fixed focal lengths, meaning the only way to change the size of your image is to physically move closer to or farther from your subject.

Because of this, prime lenses produce a sharper, better quality image, and the sacrifice of zooming is well worth it in terms of photo quality.

Best lenses for portrait photography.

Because prime lenses have fixed focal lengths, you’ll want to explore the variety of focal length options for the best portrait — whether you’re shooting outside or in the studio, capturing intimate headshots or dramatic full-length scenes

All of these lenses are supported by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Explore what more you can do with Lightroom for a seamless shooting, editing and printing process.