Choosing a camera lens for candid photography.

Find out what lens you need to shoot candid photos that show your subjects exactly as they are.

Candid photography is all about catching your subjects acting naturally without posing. These types of photos can reveal more about people than strict portraits — after all, they depict people as they really are. Here you'll find tips for choosing the best lens for candid photos.

What is the best candid photo lens?

Candid photography is often more about applying your photography skills in the moment than having the best equipment. Even the finest cameras and lenses won't help if you don't apply the right candid photography techniques at the right time.

But the right tools certainly help — you just need to thoroughly understand why and how to use them. For candid photography, a 24-70mm wide-aperture lens is the regular workhorse.

It works well in both natural and low-light environments, and can capture both close-up detail and the larger scene. If you use only one lens, go for a 24-70mm one.

What other lenses work for candid photos?

Although a 24-70mm lens is good for most situations, other lenses can produce better results in some cases. In addition to a 24-70mm lens, consider these lenses:

  1. 50mm lens: A fixed 50mm lens is great for capturing moving subjects because it provides a natural look without distorting the picture.
  2. 70-200mm lens: A 70-200mm telephoto lens lets you photograph your subjects from a distance, which can help you capture truly spontaneous moments.

Your lens choice depends completely on your ability to read the situation right and use the proper equipment. Discover more photography tips and tricks to hone your skills.

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