The best lens for event photography.

This article discusses the best lenses to keep in your camera bag for shooting event photography.

From parties and social gatherings to corporate functions and business conferences, opportunities for creators skilled in event photography abound. This creative genre calls for a pre-planned list of shots and the flexibility to respond to quickly unfolding event experiences.

A lens for key shots at events.

The best lens for event photography depends on your client’s expectations. Use the pre-event meeting to develop a plan for the essential shots. These key shots are often of one person, a couple, or a small group at a close range. Usually, an 18-55mm variable focal length lens will do the job nicely.

When shooting a corporate awards event, key shots may include a group photo of company leaders and individual shots of employees receiving their awards. Your client will tell you what key shots they want.

Use event photography lenses to be ready for anything.

In addition to your key shots, you’ll want to capture events as they happen. Come prepared with a variety of lenses to meet opportunities as they develop. A telephoto lens will help you capture inspirational or meaningful images when you’re not nearby. Use a wide-angle lens for group shots.

A touching exchange between the bride and groom that you capture with a telephoto lens can preserve a lasting memory for the couple. Be sure your client understands that you will be taking impromptu candid shots during the event.

To get more creative ideas for expanding your photography skills, take a moment to discover some specialized techniques that can get you started. Explore how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can help get the most from your event photography shots, no matter which lens you choose.