The best lens for glamour photography.

Glamour shots use lighting and props to highlight the personality of the subject. Learn how lens selection can help bring out their beauty.

Glamor photography is a great way to help your subject express different aspects of their personality. Whether fun, flirty, or adventurous, these shots bring out how the subject is feeling at the moment. But be aware — this creative genre definitely calls for both planning and flexibility.

Plan your shots.

An essential part of any photoshoot is to plan the shots you want in advance. Planning will help you make sure you have the best lighting equipment or other props to get the best photos. It will also ensure that you have the right lenses with you. Glamour shots don’t usually require wide-angle or telephoto lenses, but you should still plan ahead to ensure you have what you need.

Think about the physical environment you will be working in. If it is a closed space, plan to bring your shorter lenses, but if working outdoors, be prepared to capture your subject from a greater distance.

Experiment with lighting and aperture settings.

Because your subject will be a single person, an 18-55mm with variable focal length might be the best lens for glamour photography. More importantly, be sure your lens has a variable aperture or bring several lenses for use with different lighting effects.

With the right lens, you can quickly go from a sharply focused image to a smoky defused look. Because people are always multidimensional, adjusting the aperture setting will enable you to capture various moods and emotions by controlling how much light the camera sees.

To expand your experience beyond glamour shots, take a moment to discover some other specializedtechniques. Once you have great shots, learn how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can help get the most from your glamour photos, no matter which lens you choose.