Explore the best lenses for different types of photography.

With millions of photo opportunities around every corner, it’s important to know which lens will get you the best results.

Photographers capture everything from the tiniest specks of sand to impressively vast landscapes. Because subjects vary so widely, many photographers swap out lenses to achieve different effects. The results can be stunning if you start with these guidelines.

Take stunning portraits with a 50mm or 85mm lens.

For portrait photography that conveys emotion or excitement, reach for a 50mm or 85mm lens.

A 50mm lens is an affordable option that’s versatile enough to take great shots even when light conditions aren’t perfect. Plus, many 50mm lenses come standard with incredibly low f-numbers. You can take advantage of wide aperture to make your subjects pop against the background.

Other photographers opt for 85mm lenses to capture a powerful portrait. They can be a little more expensive but they’re less likely to distort your subject’s facial features. Whether you choose a 50mm or 85mm, these are often the two best lens options for portrait photography.

Use a wide-angle lens to snap epic landscape shots.

Landscape shots need to get a lot in frame and keep nearly everything in focus — which is why a wide-angle lens (35mm or less) would be a solid first choice. You’ll need to experiment with the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed settings to get the exposure just right, but the wide angle will let you capture nearly any scene.

You also can get panorama-style shots because your lens won’t leave you with a heavily-cropped photo. And if you do want to crop, you can do it later during post-production with proper editing software. Discover great photo tips and learn how to make the most of your camera lens, no matter the focal length.

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