The best camera settings for underwater photography.

Learn about some basic considerations for choosing the best camera settings for underwater photography.

There’s an entire world of photographic possibility under the water. All it takes to accessit is the right gear, determination, and plenty of practice. But part of that practice does include figuring out the right settings for capturing stunning underwater photography, so we’re here to help provide a little insight.

What is underwater photography?

Usually, the assumption is that underwater photography is solely about capturing photos of underwater landscapes. While that's definitely part of it, underwater photography actually includes anything you capture under the water. From high fashion and portraits to wildlife and nature, if the camera is under the water, it’s part of the underwater photography category — and your choices are limitless.

Tips for underwater photography camera settings.

Just like on land, there’s no single best group of settings to follow in every circumstance – simply adjust them as needed. But there are a few basic settings that can benefit your photography underwater, including:

Our last bit of advice? Try to get your settings right above the water, so you don’t need to mess with them below the surface.

Explore new depths in your underwater photography.

What’s next for your underwater photography? Exploring new worlds, of course. Nothing can stand in your way with practice, determination, and the right tools. Discover how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can seamlessly elevate and enhance your underwater photography skills.