Camera settings for black and white photography.

There’s nothing classier than a good black and white image. Here’s how to select the best camera settings for black and white photography.

How to choose the best camera settings.

Black and white photography is all about sharp contrasts. Without color, it’s up to shapes and lines to separate the different parts of the image. To keep your photos nice and crisp, here are the ideal camera settings for black and white photography:

It’s also a good idea to capture images in RAW + JPEG. That means your camera processes two images for every press of the shutter: one in RAW format and the other in JPEG.

RAW images contain all its color data which helps in post-production. The JPEG image can be set to monochrome, giving you an instant peek at what the black and white image will look like on your camera’s display.

Use photo editing software.

To add even more contrast to your black and white photography, make sure to process images using photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. With editing software, you can adjust elements like exposure, contrast, shadows, light, and more. You can also convert full-color RAW images to monochrome for high-resolution black and white shots.

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