Create striking black and white still life photography.

Learn how to capture powerful still life images with this guide to black and white photography.

Sometimes constraints can enhance your creative product. Think of poetry: a haiku's syllable and line limits force the writer to slow down and think about each word deliberately. This sort of exercise pares down the work of art to its simplest, most beautiful form. Every word, every syllable has a purpose.

A black and white still life photo is similar. By eliminating color and focusing on detail, you’re forced to reckon with the simplest elements of your photo. How can you convey the beauty, the drama, the essence of your composition?

Explore three fundamental elements of black and white still life photography, and learn how you can create striking images with three simple tips.

Master three brilliant basics.

A black and white still life image removes both the color and the scale of landscape that are easy to lean on in photography. Instead, it draws attention to the three other building blocks of a powerful image. Learn more about each below so you can focus on them in your next photoshoot.

Follow up with three tips.

Explore even more ideas for creative composition, dramatic lighting, and unique perspectives for your next black and white still life shoot.

Sharpen your eye — and your image.

Learn more about how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can elevate your black and white still life with more contrast, more drama, and more detail.