The best macro photography camera settings.

Learn how to take larger-than-life pictures of the smallest subjects with the best camera settings for macro photography.

Between the magnification and level of detail required, macro photography pushes your camera —and your creative photographic vision — to its limits. If you want sharp photos of the tiniest objects, these are the camera settings you’ll want to utilize.

The right macro photography settings to capture the perfect shot.

Selecting the right camera settings for macro photography is essential for getting up close and personal with such tiny subjects. Here’s an ideal starting point to get the best macro photos:

Refine your macro photos with editing software.

Once you’ve found the right camera settings for your macro photography, don’t forget to process your pictures with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can clean up any minor issues caused by experimenting with camera settings, while also adjusting elements like color, shadows, and sharpness to make your macro photos seem larger than life.

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