How to edit photos that pop with Adobe’s Clarity Slider.

Heighten sharpness and contrast in Adobe Lightroom

While creative staging, lighting, and shooting strategies are key for achieving a stunning photo, editing can also make all the difference. In the editing phase, you’re correcting colors, balancing tones, bringing out highlights and shadows, and creating your overall look and feel. One important part of this process is clarity — a subtle visual effect that adds structure, texture, and depth. Learn more about clarity and how to use it properly when you’re editing.

What is clarity?

Think of clarity as a type of contrast that only affects your photo’s middle tones. While contrast makes your darks darker and your lights lighter, clarity leaves the lightest lights and darkest darks alone. Heightening the clarity contrasts your middle tones, drawing attention to shifts in color and adding structure to your photo in a more subtle way. Lowering clarity smooths out these middle tones, flattening your photo.

How to achieve clarity.

Adobe Lightroom has a Clarity Slider feature that enhances your images. Experiment with the Lightroom preset and these different ways of using it:

Explore your editing potential.

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