Cool photography ideas to try today.

Looking for something new? Try these novel techniques to expand your photographic skills.

Photography doesn’t always have to be point-and-shoot. There are many ways to get creative with your work. You can craft extraordinary images with just your camera and a little photo editing software.

Paint pictures with light.

Cameras take in light to create an image. If you leave the shutter open long enough, you can run around in front of the camera with a light source — like a flashlight, torch, sparkler, or even just a cell phone — and “paint” pictures or designs in midair.

Long exposure photography is a fun way to create interesting images. All you need to do is find a dark area, put your camera on a tripod, and set a very long shutter speed. Once the shutter is open, start to paint with the light. When the shutter closes, you’ll have a truly unique image to add to your portfolio.

Get up-close and personal.

Sometimes, cool photography ideas don’t come from thinking big; they come from thinking small.

Macro photography is all about taking extreme close-up shots. Whether it’s a picture of an actual tiny object, like an insect on a flower, or a small detail of a larger object, such as a section of a leaf, macro photography is an exciting challenge for any photographer.

Isolate specific colors.

Not all innovative photography ideas come from the camera. You can do cool things to your images using photo editing software, too.

Experiment with coloring in post-production. Use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to pull out all the colors in your image except for one, and see how it transforms your picture. You can use this technique to emphasize certain elements and create stunning visuals.

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