Creating filters and special effects in Photoshop.

Learn how to alter shades and colors. Create the perfect filter to increase the brightness, improve the contrast, and lots more for your creative project.

The dozens of filters available in Photoshop can be used to clean up, retouch, or express your creativity by applying special effects to your photos. You can adjust color, change lighting, or enhance details with just a few clicks for quick touch-ups. For more advanced special effects, you can blend and fade filters.

Filters that are included with Photoshop can be accessed from the filter gallery. Additional filters from third-party providers can be added to the program, too. Actually, any number of filters can be used with your image and will be applied in the order they are selected. Dramatic effects can be achieved by altering the order you apply them in.

To apply filters from the gallery, simply select the image or image layer, choose a filter from the gallery, and apply it to the selection.

Tips for creating special effects in Photoshop.

For more creative solutions, use these tips to start experimenting with advanced techniques:

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