The best camera settings for diffused light photography.

Learn how to find the right camera settings for diffused light photography and make the most of ideal lighting conditions.

Diffused light is the preferred type of light for most photographers. But just because it’s ideal doesn’t mean you should ignore specific camera settings designed to make the most of it. Here’s how to set up your camera to capture diffused light photography.

How to diffuse light.

Diffused light comes in many forms. You can make your own with a soft box or go outside on a cloudy day. Either way, diffused light creates an even illumination on your subject, removing shadows and giving your photos a soft, even glow.

To make the most of perfect lighting conditions, start with these camera settings and make adjustments as you see fit:

Soft light is perfect for any type of photography, from portraits and nature to landscapes and action shots. The best aperture depends on what you’re shooting and your personal preferences.

Maximize diffused light with the right camera settings.

While diffused light might eliminate shadows, it can also render some colors less robust. It’s always best to use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to brighten your diffused light photography and add some extra vibrancy.

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