Practical tips for DIY newborn photography.

Your baby’s first moments are worth more than a thousand words — discover how to take breathtaking photos with these DIY newborn photography tips.

A newborn in the family is a very exciting time for everyone. Although professional photography is a great way to capture those first moments, DIY newborn photography can be even more special.

For breathtaking newborn portraits and fun family photos, use these guidelines to snap memorable moments you’ll cherish forever.

Remember that timing is everything.

Great timing is key to great newborn photography. Try to choose a time of day (or night) that gives you enough natural light or dramatic shadows — and check out some cool, new photography tips that might help beforehand.

You should also time the shoot to your baby’s schedule — too early and they might be fussy, too late and they might be hungry. Try to schedule the photoshoot when your newborn is sleepy. This is when they’re likely to stay still for longer periods of time, which gives you more flexibility.

Don’t hesitate to bring in the extras.

Newborns grow so quickly and within a few weeks, they start to open their eyes. It’s important to capture special moments between your newborn and other important family members before the window closes.

For a notable portrait, have your newborn’s siblings, grandparents, and even pets pose next to a window, or lounge together on a couch. Prepare props ahead of time to snap your newborn as they’re swaddled in a blanket or framed in a wreath of flowers.

Get creative with the extras you introduce for truly inspiring and memorable newborn photographs — and explore everything you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop today.