6 creative DIY photoshoot ideas at home.

Find out how you can snap fantastic photos without leaving your home. Stage a DIY photoshoot with these helpful tips.

Arranging a home photoshoot is a great way to develop your photography skills, especially while we continue to practice social distancing. You might think DIY photography is restricting, but it’s actually full of creative possibilities. These DIY photoshoot ideas will help you snap stellar pictures without ever leaving your house.

DIY photoshoot ideas.

  1. Get playful with the backdrop: Don’t limit your backdrops to plain wall surfaces. Use bedding, paper cutouts, tinfoil, or any other household supplies to create unique backgrounds.
  2. Use lights to create a bokeh effect: Set up Christmas lights, LED light strips, candles, or other light sources. With the right camera settings, you can then shoot pictures to create cool bokeh effects.
  3. Explore your backyard: If your house has a yard, you can find new settings outside. Take photos against flower beds or with your subject lying down on the grass, for example.
  4. Incorporate your hobbies: Draw inspiration from your favorite activities. Integrate your paintings, golf gear, or other items that reflect your personal interests into your photos to express your personality.
  5. Bring out the mirrors: Use whatever mirrors you have to create fascinating compositions with reflected images. Just make sure to keep your camera out of the reflection — unless that’s exactly what you want.
  6. Experiment with lighting: Even a single light source has great photographic potential. You could have your subject hold a loosely woven blanket over their head to create a simple, eye-catching effect where the light filters through the fabric.

Enhance your photos with editing.

You can improve the results of your DIY photoshoot with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Easily enhance the vibrancy of colors and lights with Lightroom presets, or adjust focus to boost the depth of field in your pictures.

Make your living space a versatile backdrop for creative DIY photoshoots. Discover more great photo tips for photographers of all skill levels. Learn what you can do with Lightroom today.