Five cool photoshoot ideas.

Get some creative inspiration for your next photoshoot.

You don’t need a huge budget or tons of props to shoot cool photos. These simple ideas will give you unique, Instagram-worthy shots with ease.

Photoshoot ideas to try.

Experiment with some of these cool photoshoot ideas to create new effects.

Come back to your subject: Photograph your subject over a set amount of time — all day, throughout the week, throughout the month — in different settings, lightings, and with different expressions. This sort of time-lapse composition highlights how things change and can make for a cool and intimate series. Try it with a portrait, a pet, or even a landscape to highlight subtle shifts of light and time.

Shadows and reflections: Shadows and reflections surround us. Take time to notice how images reflect in puddles, or how sunlight elongates shadows. Instead of focusing on the objects making them, focus on the shadows and reflections themselves. This perspective shift creates an eerie, almost surreal photoshoot effect.

Work in color: Monochrome projects can be a fun challenge that produce a cool effect. Gather a collection of similarly colored objects and arrange and photograph them at different angles to highlight texture and form. If you prefer to shoot landscapes over objects, challenge yourself to find monochrome palettes in your surrounding environment.

Focus on the little things: Shift your focus to smaller subjects. Macro photography makes a dynamic photoshoot, turning a tiny subject into a brilliant, larger-than-life image.

Play with portraits: Overlay portrait photos with landscape or textured photos to create a striking and artistic image. Double exposure photography can illuminate more about your subject — for instance, if they love the beach, you could try layering an image of waves on top of the base portrait.

Elevate your skills.

Learn more about how to take cool photos — from camera settings to lighting tips.

Skillful editing will also heighten the effects of your photoshoot, whether it’s contrasting shadows, magnifying detail, or superimposing images. Take your skills to the next level by exploring Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.