The photographer’s guide to narrow aperture.

Discover how to create detailed and artistic photographs with the help of a narrow aperture lens setting.

Professional photographers make capturing emotional, powerful, and beautiful moments look effortless. Although these fleeting moments can be difficult to catch, the right lens aperture settings can make all the difference in the world. Discover how narrow aperture can take your photos to the next level.

Effects of a narrow aperture lens.

A narrow aperture lens setting not only controls the amount of light let in, but it also increases your depth of field. This lets you capture as much detail as possible on both the photo’s subject and its background. The final result is a striking photograph with plenty of sharpness and interesting light.

When to use narrow aperture.

Use narrow aperture to your advantage when you have a large scene or environment to capture. Many photographers narrow their aperture to shoot:

Additionally, you can showcase eye-catching light trails and impressive motion-blur effects with a narrow aperture setting. Pair slower shutter speeds with narrow aperture to bring even more emotion and movement to your photos.

Experiment with aperture and photo editing.

Sometimes aperture can be a challenge to play with during a shoot and you might need a little extra help after you’ve finished. Photo editing lets you adjust the aperture (and thus your depth of field) for images you’ve already taken to produce a final version that stuns. Plus, you can learn helpful photography tips that can elevate your pics from the outset.

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