How to create a meme that’s shared around the Internet.

Learn how to create a meme with some research and a little help from a photo editing app.

They pop up on your feed, in your texts, and even in your email — memes have taken the Internet by storm and they’re as fun to make as they are to scroll.

Are you ready to try and break the Internet with a legendary meme of your very own? Use these tips to learn how.

Research and choose a meme format.

Most memes have at least one line of amusing text and a recognizable image, gif, or short video — and they tend to follow a format that resonates with different pockets of Internet culture.

Search through online meme hotspots like Reddit and Twitter, and sort posts by popularity to discover trends. As you scroll through memes, notice what you find funny, heartwarming, or absurd to spark inspiration.

Think about what you want your meme to say and which format is most likely to get your point (or joke) across. For example, if you want to make something family-friendly, follow a wholesome meme format that focuses on feel-good fun.

Create and post your meme.

It’s time to get creative and play around with your images and text until you’ve designed something that’s entertaining, heartwarming, or simply quirky. To easily merge images and text, use a photo editing app from your desktop or phone — and get cool, new photography tips to make your memes stand out.

Export your meme and test it out on friends and family, or post it directly to your favorite meme hub online — then sit back, relax, and let the Internet do its thing.

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