How to make a meme in Photoshop.

Learn to create a meme with some research and help from a good editing app.

They pop up on your feed, in your texts, and even in your email — memes are the social phenomenon that has taken the Internet (and the world) by storm. Plus, they’re as fun to make as they are to scroll.

Are you ready to try and break the Internet with a legendary meme of your very own? Follow these tips to help you conceive a great idea, create your own meme, and come up with ways to help your meme go viral.

Create a standout concept.

A great way to find some inspiration before you start making your own meme is to check out what’s happening in the news or pop culture — and what other meme creators are posting on the web. Most memes creators add one to two lines of amusing text and a recognizable image, or they’ll make it in the form of an animated GIF or short video. Overall, good memes tend to follow a format that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Search through online meme hotspots like Reddit, Twitter, and Know Your Meme, and sort posts by popularity to discover meme images and text trends. As you scroll through them, pay attention to which ones you find funny, heartwarming, or even absurd — it’s all about getting some inspiration.

Think about what you want your meme to say, and which format is most likely to get your point (or joke) across. For example, if you want to make something family-friendly, follow a wholesome meme format that focuses on feel-good fun.

Be sure that you have a good take on your audience’s interests, problems, and the types of media or memes they consume. The essence of creating a shareable meme is that it comes down to wittiness and relatability. Once you’ve got your concept and format down, it’s time to bring your meme to life.

Make your meme in 4 steps.

Follow these four simple steps to create a one-of-a-kind meme in Adobe Photoshop — but before you dive in, take a moment to check your preferred social platform for the correct format and dimension requirements. Once you have those details on hand, move on to:

1. Select the right image.

The key to a good meme? Selecting an image that relates to your text — whether it’s a stock photo or one of your own. Many people choose celebrity moments or famous movie scenes since they’re instantly recognizable and relatable, but you don’t have to. It’s more important to consider where you’ll be sharing your meme, who will be seeing it, and what you want it to do.

2. Open and edit your image.

Begin by opening your chosen image in Photoshop and edit before turning it into your meme. Use the Crop Tool and Adjustment Layers to tweak and adjust brightness, contrast, shape, size, vibrance, exposure, and more.

3. Add text.

Use the text box tool in the app to type your message, then use the text editing tools to change the font, size, or color of your text. You can learn more about using Photoshop to add text to your image — but most importantly, make sure that the text you include in your meme stands out from the background color or pattern.

4. Save and share your meme.

Convert and export your image as a JPG or PNG file to share it on your favorite social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. Or simply navigate to File > Export > Export Preferences in Photoshop’s menu bar to select the image type, quality, and save location so you can include it in an InDesign, PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides presentation.

Text and timing: How to help memes go viral.

Creating a meme is one thing — but making it go viral is the ultimate challenge. It really does remain a bit of mystery as to why some memes explode in popularity and others may just bring a nod or a giggle, but what most popular memes do have in common is that somehow they touched a nerve or hit the internet wave at just the right moment.

A successful meme is really just the combo of a good idea and good timing. While that’s not something you can predict, if you stay on top of social trends, you might just be able surf the crest long enough for your own meme to go viral. It helps to get creative with images and text and work with it until you’ve designed something that’s not just unique and entertaining, but also funny and shareable.

That’s a lot to ask of such a small piece of real estate, but it’s definitely doable — you just need to be curious and creative (plus, a little bit web-savvy.) And, if you really want to help your meme stand out, having quick access to a good photo editing app like **Photoshop Express **on your phone, plus some cool photography tips from the pros is always a good idea.

Finally, before you post it to your favorite meme hub online, see if it needs one last good tweak. Even share it with a few friends first to see what they think. Once you’ve posted it, prepare yourself for a great reaction and then sit back, relax, and let the internet do its thing.