How to position newborns for photography.

Tips and tricks to safely pose your littlest photo subjects for a safe and successful shoot.

When working with newborns, it is very important to use proper positioning techniques to ensure the comfort and safety of these adorable, but delicate, photo subjects. We’ve compiled some safe and gentle positioning techniques to help you have a successful newborn shoot.

Effective ways to pose newborns.

Whenever you’re positioning a newborn, always remember to take things slow and use as little force as possible. Here are some newborn-friendly positions you can try on your next shoot:

  1. Swaddling: Swaddling a newborn is one of the best positions for both baby and photographer. By wrapping up a newborn in a tight swaddle, they feel secure and you don’t have to worry about flailing limbs.
  2. Resting on soft objects: Use pillows, washcloths, or “posing beans” to create soft curves that the newborn can rest against comfortably. These soft objects can help you accentuate the newborn’s adorable wrinkles and rolls without causing the baby any stress.
  3. Inside of padded containers: Buckets, baskets, and other cute containers make for great newborn images. Be sure to pad the inside of the container with soft cushions and blankets and have a parent close by to ensure the newborn’s safety and comfort.
  4. With family members: Don’t hesitate to involve the whole family in newborn photography. Photos of parents and siblings holding the newborn can become precious family heirlooms. Plus, many newborns are more comfortable in the arms of their parents than resting on a soft bed.

Above all, you want to ensure that you create an environment that is warm and comfortable. Take things slow and make sure to have an extra pair of hands available to help maintain a safe and relaxed environment for everyone.

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