How to remove the background of a GIF.

Learn how to remove the background from a GIF in just a few simple steps.

GIFs are more popular than ever before. It seems we can’t explore the internet or log into social media platforms without seeing a well-done, clever GIF. These continuous loop images are great for telling stories and time-lapses — plus, they’re just downright fun.

This article will dive into some basic steps to ensure you know how to make a GIFand remove the background if necessary.

How to remove background from GIF.

Ready to remove that background and get your GIF ready for the world? Keep reading for some simple steps to do just that.

  1. Create your GIF by uploading your files as their own single layers. Unlock your original layer and then bring your GIF to life by opening the Timeline Panel (click Window > Timeline) and select Create Frame Animation from the dropdown window.
  2. Choose the option to Make Frames From Layers in the flyout menu and set the intervals for each frame to be the same by clicking the first frame, holding down Shift, then clicking the last frame. Adjust the interval for frames as desired.
  3. Navigate to the dropdown menu under the timeline and click Forever to ensure continuous play.
  4. Now, when you export your GIF, click File > Export Save for Web (Legacy), then save your image as a transparent PNG. You should see your image on the transparent background (symbolized by the checkerboard pattern).

Make GIFs simply and seamlessly.

Creating GIFs from your favorite photos, videos, and images is simple and fun. With the right tools you can unlock your creative potential, make GIFs faster and easier than ever, and discover great photography tips at the same time.

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