Unusual ideas for macro photography.

Wondering how to make your macro photos stand out? Read this guide and discover unusual ideas for fantastic macro photography.

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Macro photography is a powerful tool to capture tiny details that often go unnoticed in daily life. However, it’s also a popular style, and you might find photography websites already saturated with images of insects and flowers. How can you make your macro photography stand out?

Here are some unconventional ideas for shooting unique, eye-catching macro photographs.

Create a fruit arrangement.

Take a break from shooting flowers without leaving the world of flora. Fruits and vegetables display a fantastic variety of textures and colors that make great subjects for macro photography. Hone in on the bulging forms of an orange’s juice sacs or the organic landscape of broccoli florets.

Take vehicle shots.

Cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles have plenty of small details suitable for macro photos, from gleaming chrome to classic panel lines to space-age hood ornaments. Snap pictures of your own car or take your camera to a local car show for inspiration.

Zoom in on pets.

Animals other than insects are all good subjects for macro photography. A dog’s fur, a cat’s claws, or a parakeet’s feathers all reveal fascinating details under a macro photographer’s lens.

Shoot photos of valuables.

Precious objects — from jewelry to watches to new and antique coins — make for great macro photos. Photograph shining gems or the scratches and contours of a century-old coin to show them off in a whole new light.

Get the most out of your macro photos.

Take your macro photos to a new level with good photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop gives you every tool you need to enhance your pictures. Adjust the vibrancy of colors, shift focus, fix lighting, and much more with this professional photo editor.

Use these macro photography tips to transform the minute details of small, everyday things into extraordinary images. Discover more great photography tips for photographers of all skill levels. Learn what you can do with Photoshop today.