iPhone macro photography tips.

Learn more about macro photography and the equipment you need to shoot macro photos on your iPhone, plus helpful tips for creating larger-than-life shots.

Macro photography is a fun niche for beginners and advanced photographers alike. It’s a form of extreme close-up photography, where you focus on taking larger-than-life pictures of very tiny objects, such as insects or flowers, or on selected portions of larger subjects. It’s not always easy, but with the help of a few tips and tricks you’ll quickly be on your way to taking great macro photos on your iPhone.

Small subjects, big impact.

The amazing thing about macro photography is that subject matter can be found just about anywhere. In fact, you can find tons of inspiration without even leaving your home.

Try capturing everyday objects, such as paper clips or pencil shavings. Food also makes for great macro shots. When you’re ready to venture further afield, pay attention to the flowers in your area as well as any insects scrambling nearby.

Equipment you’ll need.

An iPhone can take pretty nice macro photos on its own, but extra equipment is available that can make your photos even better:

Macro photography tips.

  1. Pay attention to light. Without decent lighting, your shots will be too dark and blurry. Too much light, and you’ll lose crisp details, which will lessen the impact of your macro photo.
  2. Shoot in manual mode. Otherwise, your camera won’t know where to focus.
  3. Lock your focus. When you’ve found your point of focus, tap on the screen to lock the focus. This will result in a sharp, clear subject with a slightly blurred background.

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