How to make an image black and white in Photoshop.

To create an impression reminiscent of a bygone era or to draw attention to your subject, use black and white images for effects that full-color photos can’t match.

Vibrant colors enrich our lives. But, when it comes to photography, color can be distracting. If you want to draw attention to lines, shapes, and textures, try converting an image to black and white. It’s a simple process to strip out just enough color to make your photos more interesting.

Making a black and white filter.

To create black and white images in Photoshop, you need control over your light and dark levels. Follow these simple steps:

Whether you are trying to create a retro look, a mysterious or even spooky effect, or draw special attention to certain aspects of your subject, use black and white filters to eliminate or subdue distracting colors.

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