How to make a photo look like a sketch.

Learn how to transform a photo to make it look like a sketch. This popular effect is a great way to get your messages noticed.

The number one suggestion experts give for getting your post noticed on social media is to use appealing visual content. There are a number of ways to creatively enhance your selfie or any image to make it more noticeable. Converting an image into what appears to be a sketch is one great way to stand out. (Converted sketches can be used as a profile picture, too, to add just a hint of identity masking or intrigue.)

How to turn a photo into a sketch.

The editing software you use will determine how many steps are needed for a sketch conversion. Some software programs can quickly change a photo to a sketch right on your phone. Others require more steps but allow for much more control over the final product.

Whether the app handles the details or not, the steps are essentially the same:

Experienced photo editors can create a wide variety of sketch effects. Beginners can create simple sketch conversions using the automatic features available with popular editing applications.

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