How to master diffused light photography.

Get evenly lit photographs and portraits with little to no shadows with these tips on diffused light.

As a photographer, you likely face lighting issues on a daily basis. If it’s too bright or the light is too direct, you can diffuse it with a softbox, photography umbrella, or DIY reflector. Diffused light photography is useful everywhere from portraits to macro shots.

Give these tips a try on your next photoshoot to capture naturally lit, detailed photographs.

Take stunning, detailed portraits.

Even though direct light can yield dramatic shadows, diffused light is another option to keep in your portrait toolkit. When you diffuse light, you can preserve details that might otherwise be blown out by harsh direct light.

You can also avoid severe shadows that may be unflattering for your subject. Explore even more photography tips and give diffused light a try during your next portrait shoot.

Pair with a macro lens for natural close-ups.

When you want to capture small objects and preserve their details, reach for your macro lens and diffuser. You’ll be able to keep your subject focused and bounce natural light around it from several different angles at once.

Diffused light photography helps you hold on to details without washing them out or hiding them in the shadows — but it’s a challenge to get it right on the first try. Exercise patience and remember you can always adjust the lighting later with sophisticated photo editing software.

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