Discover the world of monochromatic photography.

Use these tips to take breathtaking monochromatic photos.

Any photo containing tones of just one color is a monochromatic photo. Without the contrast that varied colors provide, monochromatic photography is all about details, textures, and perspectives. Try these tips for shooting brilliant photos that transcend color.

Why use monochrome?

In a world full of color, with technology that can capture it with stunning precision, why would anyone choose to focus on just one? Monochromatic photography may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a choice that produces all sorts of powerful visual effects:

How to shoot monochromatic color photography.

These three Cs will help you take monochromatic photos that are so stunning, no one will even miss the color variety:

Find out more.

Learn more about how to stage a stunning photoshoot, and experiment with edits in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to take your monochromatic photography to new heights.